Train window going from Tokushima station to Oboke by JR Tokushima line. JR徳島線 阿波池田経由 大歩危行きの車窓

(Map is below 地図は下)

I took a video of a window on the train bound for JR Tokushima Line Awa Ikeda.
I enjoyed the windows of a single train of diesel locomotives greatly.
On the way, I went to Oboke by transit to JR dosan line kochi.

Tokushima is the only prefecture where trains are not running in Japan.
For this reason, the scenery seen from the train is very wonderful because there is no electric wire.
We can not absolutely see such landscapes elsewhere.

For those who work in the city it will be a nostalgic scenery of the lines we used to go to work and school.

JR徳島線 阿波池田行きの列車での車窓を撮影しました。
途中、JR 土讃線 高知行きに乗り継いで大歩危まで行きました。




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