Are you interested in Shikoku Pilgrimage? 四国遍路に興味がありますか?

(The map is below 地図は下)

I like the history and culture of Japan,
It took 38 hours to come to Japan from Turkey.

一番 霊山寺

There is Shikoku Pilgrimage in Japan.

4番 大日寺

It is a journey around 88 places of temple from 1200 years ago.
The starting point is the 1st Shinto temple in Naruto city, Tokushima Prefecture.
This time I experienced visiting temples No. 1 to No. 4.
Why is the Japanese peaceful?
I went around the temple to find out about it.
People who are dressed in white costumes are visiting a lot of temples.
Crowd in front of the gate entering the temple, enter inside, wash your hands.
I will offer candles and incense sticks.
I called “namudaishi henzyou kongou”.

4番 大日寺 西国33観音像

2番札所 弘法大師お手植えの「長命杉」樹齢1200年

It is spring now. Cherry blossoms are blooming and beautiful.
Shikoku Pilgrimage was mysterious.
It started to rain.
The temple on the rainy day was settled down more.
The experience of Shikoku Pilgrimage was wonderful.


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