Can you become a couple if you eat Lucky mochi? 和田の屋のラッキー餅を食べるとカップルになれる?

(The map is below)

The cafe “Wadano-ya”is famous for “Taki no yakimochi”
“Grilled rice cake by the waterfall”

Just like a Studio Ghibli movie “Spirited Away”

Make green tea for the first time

“Yakimochi” is from 400 years ago.
It is said to have been a favorite of Tokushima Lords.

Many couples meet here for the first time for a matchmaking,”Omiai”.

It is said that the couples who eat Yakimochi together will live happily ever after.

Stefan”I loved it. Green tea was great. The mochi was the best I’ve ever had.”
Louise”The green tea was difficult to make but it was very good.”


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