One vortex of “Naruto Strait” of the world’s three major currents is such powerful! 世界三大潮流の「鳴門海峡」の渦!

(The map is below 地図は下)

when i was going to see naruto whirlpool, i said to oh my gosh. there was a really strong waves and big whirlpool at pacific ocean. i ve learnt that it because of the gravity and moon.

Vortex Road 渦の道


The vortex road (Uzunomichi) is a 450 m long boardwalk set in the lower part of the bridge girder of the Naruto strait crossing the Naruto Channel.

The end of the boardwalk can look down at the whirlpool in close proximity at the observation deck.

The height from the sea level is about 45 m, part of the floor is glazed and thrill can be tasted.

大潮時の鳴門の渦In order to prevent strong wind from adversely affecting the structure of the bridge, the partition with the outside is mostly metal net.

The wind enters the facility as it is. Rest areas and toilets are set up on the boardwalk.

In the Naruto Strait, due to the steep tide flow, it is famous for its delicious sea bream and seaweed.






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