Walking on a pilgrim path can lead to Zen? 歩き遍路は禅に通じる?

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Walking on a pilgrim path can lead to Zen?

Among those who interviewed this time, there were several foreigners who said “Walking path leads to Zen.”

2番 極楽寺の桜So I thought about the common point between pilgrimage and Zen.

The motivation for both Zen and Pilgrimage varies from person to person.

Some people come in because of their interest in Japanese culture, but many people do Zen and Pilgrimage in search of solutions to social and individual problems.

3番 金泉寺

Mr. Rumé Otake (Saoto Denjong North American International Missionary Ordinance Department former General Director) says.

In other words, Zen is “a way to save myself, anyone can do it by yourself, the way of Do it yourself.”

If you make such explanation as a foreigner, it will react “I think it will be interesting, I want to try it”.

In Zen it is important to concentrate on every single act in everyday life including Zazen and “practice” leads to the way to enlightenment. As an exercise, I take care of only what you are doing now.

“The teachings of Zen are not words, they can only be understood through” practice “including zazen.
So even for Japanese and foreigners, the road is open equally
. Is not this reason why Zen is widely accepted by people all over the world?

I think that there is a common point between Zen and Pilgrimage in the way that the road is opened equally and saving himself by practicing the pedestrian which can concentrate on one.







すなわち禅とは、「自分自身で自分を救う道。誰でもできる。自分でできる。Do it yourselfの道」なのである。






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